Potted Indoor Plants


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I love indoor potted plants, they add freshness and liveliness to any room, they are silent living creatures which brighten up any corner in a space, and naturally purify the air and fill it with Oxygen.




Depending on the style that you want to create in the interior; traditional or contemporary, you should decide the type of plants you are going to use. Orchid of all kinds, shapes and colours work beautifully with contemporary interiors, while Ferns works better with traditional style. Palms works well with both. 


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The size of the room will determine number and size of plants to be used in it. Single small potted plant will be recognised in a large and spacious room. Positioning the plant in the room, is decided according to its environmental needs of light and room temperature. Generally, most plants must not be placed close to radiators and avoid cold drafts. You can check with your local flower shop for these details, or just Google them.


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If you want to create an arrangement of plants in one pot, bare in mind  that these plants should share the same life requirements of light, and amount of water. Then you must balance the shape, colour, size and proportions of the plants relative to the pot in order to create a harmonic arrangement that fits in the interior and add to its beauty.



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Sometimes we can group the same type of plant in different or similar sizes, in each case the result is uniquely different. 

When using a single plant in a pot, pay special attention to the pot’s shape, colour and style and make sure it compliment the plants as this will make a design statement in the room.


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Caring for plants after purchasing is essential to keep their fresh appearance, so if you are a beginner in planting I encourage you to go for plants which are easy to look after. It might be useful to keep a small note for caring instruction for each plant.

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