Can we mix it?

Can we mix it?
Yes, we can. One of the most frequent questions I get as an interior designer, is that:
Can we mix and match different styles of furniture and finishing materials in one room?
My answer is: Yes. Provided that we know what are we doing. Meaning that we can anticipate the final theme of the room, which is going to be very individual, unique and sometimes even exotic yet it must be in harmony. Yes, It is not for everyone!.

This style is not very easy to tackle, need an expert eye to create it. A clever designer has to evaluate the sizes, value and style of furniture pieces and create a balance collection of them in the space. He\she needs to balance the variety of colours and patterns as well to create that interesting, appealing and exciting ambiance in the room.



  1. Hello Basma…i like your test and i have a passion in interior design and wish that i can study for it even that i have a msc. degree in aerial &sattelite surveying engineering.
    About the mixed fabrics…i do that alot in my home and the result is always individual and unique as you said.
    Wish you sucsessfull steps in your work

    mays Reply
    • Hi Mays, So glad you like interior designs stay tuned to more articles.

      basma alrawi Reply

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