Recycling/ refurbishing furniture


People get bored of things, and that is natural so they tend to change them with new ones. But when it comes to furniture, the expenses will be too much with the tough economical situation which we all suffer from. So how can we beat boredom, without breaking the budget?
1-  When we need an additional piece of furniture, we can visit the local second hand shops, where we can surprisingly find really nice pieces and get ourselves good bargains. If the furniture has good upholstery and we don’t wish to change its textile, all we need to ensure that the furniture is hygiene, so clean it yourself or use a local  specialised cleaning company.

2- In case we have an old item, and it does not fit with the rest of the colour theme or room style. Then, if you have creative abilities and a good toolbox, you might be able to change its appearance and get yourself and a new customized piece of furniture.

*On Youtube , there are a lot of clips showing how can you renew furniture in simple and affordable ways. Pay attention, to the type of material you are dealing with.

3- If you are like many others don’t have any creativity, then you may visit a local craftsmen, carpenter or blacksmith to help you renew your furniture according to your taste and style.
4- The simplest way and the least expensive one, is to reposition the furniture around your home. If you have a chair in the living room that might fit in a bedroom then why not! Or a side table in the bed room which you can use in the living room.

Make sure that any changes are sensible and fits in harmony with the room style and colour scheme.

In the pictures below you may find an old table that I renovated into a sitting stool by spraying the metal frame with dark grey paint, adding upholstery to its top. There is also a bathroom mirror(which is no longer in use) that I had renewed by painting its wooden frame to fit in the colour scheme of a new design for a living room.


collage-mirror                        collage-footstool




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