Printing out memories….


One evening when I was surrounded by my kids, looking at photo albums which contained some old pictures,up to 40 years old. Suddenly my youngest daughter noticed that we don’t have many pictures of her in the albums!

I remember that when I had my third child we got our first digital camera and that’s when we gradually stopped printing them, and instead we were saving them ever since in a file in the PC hard disc.

 Apart of being hidden in that file, I realised that we could lose this sentimental treasure if the PC got stolen or was damaged cause we don’t have a second copy of it.

But what about printing?! why it is important to print personal photos? I know we could have hundreds even thousands of pictures saved and we cannot print them all.

 Here I’m not talking about the portrait we dressed up for when we get them by a professional photographer, rather I’m talking about an impulsive moment that was recorded in a snapshot, holding up a smile or a tear in a special circumstances. A photo with a story of a place, time and special people.

I never met my grandfather(mother side), but in pictures of him and the family sitting in the garden or in a picnic outside Baghdad,  accompanied by my grandmother stories about him, I got to know and love him.

Sharing the pictures of our loved ones who are no longer with us in life, is kind of honouring them, celebrating their life, maintaining their reminiscence.
It helps the grieving process when we talk about them and present them to others.

My father cannot kiss my daughter daily as he lives far away, but she can see a photo of him kissing her when she was 6 months old when they first met.

Pictures have an amazing ability to connect us with people we might rarely knew, places we might never visit, and times we never lived it.
Expats can appreciate this more, as we miss home and family all the time and we find it difficult to connect our kids to their relatives and expanded family.

 This is a call to choose some memorable pictures, print them out arrange them in beautiful frames and display them in different rooms and corners in your home, to tell a story, regain a time and a place, and bring a nice memory to life.
 You can add photo frames in the living room, or wherever you socialise with friends and family, and you will be amazed of the amount of stories and memories it brings…

— with Dawn S. Black Photography.

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