Logical thinking when renewing or building your home.


I want to talk about the exciting period of time in our lives where we decide to build or renovate our homes. It is exciting and overwhelming for everyone. It probably would change your life style, invade your agenda, and interrupt all your schedules. You might even have dreams about it.

You will probably pat an architect or interior designer a visit, before your first appointment, you need to have a quick look at your financial situation, estimate a basic budget for the project. This estimation will be the vital factor on which you and the designer can build a realistic budget and decisions will be made on the kind of changes you can make in the renovation, the finishing materials, and type of furniture and appliances to be used.

Now, as excited as you may get, you must not fall into the trap of greediness. Remember these rules, “Less is more” & ”simplicity is mother of beauty”.  Personally I consider the later a golden rule. For example, it will be very difficult to put together successfully several types of tiles with different colour schemes and patterns in one house. Unity is a very important design principal that needs to be considered in any design.

Making such choices will be difficult and confusing, it’s part of the designer’s job to help narrowing the choices, discussing them with you and helping you to make the right decisions.  I wish you a happy and successful experience with your next project.

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