Before & After: Renovating a bedroom


My latest project was to create a bedroom for a 5 year old girl which she can use safely and comfortably while she is developing self confidence and gaining independence.

The pictures of the room before renovation, shows no character or identity. No colour scheme, no patterns it was not fun at all.


20130111_134502    20130111_134509    20130111_134505


First step was to strip the floor and replace the old and dingy fitted carpet with laminate floors which are easier to clean and maintain , then I dressed the floors with a red rug to make the room cosy.

20130418_100511    20130521_120307


During the renovation process we had to deal with three layers of wall paper, which took a lot of time to remove in order to prepare the walls to painting.

After consulting the our 5 year old costumer/user of the room, we agreed to the colour scheme and this is the result. I hope you like it as much as the little princes who is using it.  

IMG_2300      IMG_2313     IMG_2317

IMG_2320          IMG_2322








  1. Love the makeover, the new room looks so fresh and inviting!
    Well done :)

    Souhila Reply
    • Thanks Souhila, Many items were second hand.yet the overall look as you said was fresh and inviting. I believe in rescuing, recycling,and reusing items as much as we can.

      basma alrawi Reply

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