A Bazaar in Delft


Last weekend, I spend a splendid time in the street of Delft, where there was a Bazaar for second hand, and handmade items. My type of thing :)

There were beautiful pieces of loved and cherished furniture, accessories, and many many unique, exotic things. In these events you might find unexpectedly  attractive hidden treasures that can be the right addition to your room. Here I would like to share with you some of what I found out there. I hope you will enjoy it as I did.  


IMG_1788               IMG_1787


Mirror, Mirror on the wall….


Hand made by a very proud man, these beautiful stained glass pendant can lighten your window

IMG_1784             IMG_1785

Antique table clock, any collector?

IMG_1790               IMG_1789

Mix & Match……

IMG_1794             IMG_1791

These cooper items might not be used but still can be used as accessories….. and the Second hand tiles….hmmm, any ideas for them? :)

IMG_1792        IMG_1782    IMG_1800

Traditional drums, in a very good condition.


How about this tray for Halloween……


More items….


IMG_1831          IMG_1801





  1. i personally loved the red wooden drawer .I think in the middle east most people prefer new and modern furniture and do not appreciate antiques anymore .Its a shame . I would totally use tiles for cup coasters :)

    sura Reply
    • Thanks Sura for your comment, Agreeing with your point about the mentality of people in the Middle East. Personally I loved your suggestion to use the tiles as cup coasters. Keep following my blog :)

      basma alrawi Reply

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