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One of the most popular residential project that I’m asked to design is renovating bathrooms. It is quite challenging, as most of them are small and require to add certain fixtures to fulfil the needs of the client. This project had its own restrictions. The old bathroom had a bathtub, two washing basin and an old radiator.

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One of the walls had a wall cabinet that contained an old boiler, and small storage space. The size of the washing basin was too big for the space, the wall cabinet was not used wisely, and the bathtub was fitted in a way that consumed precious centimetres. The bathroom needed a shower to be added in one of its corners, a sufficient storage unit, and a downsized double washing basins. I spotted the old large radiator and I thought that by replacing it with a new and efficient one, we will save space and energy as well. After contacting two recommended contractors, I made my calculations based on their offers and time schedules and made my decision to start with one of them. 

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The saved centimetres were used to create a spacious shower box, when we relocated the bathtub near the window and cleared a corner for the shower box. The radiator remained in the same place only was lifted higher to make space for the bathtub. New fitted washing basin with drawers, tall wall cabinet and large bathroom mirror cabinet were fitted in the same location, this saved a lot of plumbing work and materials.      

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For the tiles, we had to use a leftover tiles from a previous renovation project that the family had saved. It’s colour was a stained grey. These were for the floor, but we need to match the colour for the wall tiles. So I suggested to use a special three-sized tiles of matching colour of stained grey on one wall, which is the wall for the bathtub and shower. This design created a focal point in the bathroom. For the rest of the walls we used pale white tiles with greyish veins, which was cheaper in price.

For accessories I used three pots and added a collection of plants in each pot and placed them on the window sill. On a small tray I places scented candles and dried flowers on the bathtub edge to add a relaxing ambience when having a hot bath.


20140213_131533             20140213_131542             Hofzichtlaan 54-LR-57


In this Project we managed to save the old mirror, the bathtub, window treatment and we used the leftover tiles. The work finished in twelve days, which means four days above the original schedule.


  1. How much was the total expenditure/cost? I need to do the same in my need home!

    Ana Reply
    • Hi Ana, Cost vary from one place to another, from one country to another. Material prices and hand labour cost will decide The prices in your region. The best thing is to make your calculations and set up your budget, From there you can work out the rest of the project.

      basma alrawi Reply

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