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His one week trip is confirmed, Finally I get the chance to do the bedroom makeover. There was two main objectives in this makeover; the furniture layout in the room and the colour scheme. The layout is wasting a lot of the room’s space. The colour of the furniture is Dark brown we had it for 7 years! so definitely it is time to change.

I made my research to make a list of what I will need to get the job done, luckily he loves DIY so he has a good collection of tool that will help me, nevertheless I made a list of the materials that I will need to buy. 

We said our good-byes on Saturday morning, he went to the airport and I headed to our local DIY shop. got my stuff and back home I went to start.


Here are the details of the makeover with pictures, Please feel free to comment or enquire about any of them. I wish you a pleasant reading.




  • First it was the colour of the furniture, I started sanding the bed frame, side tables, and dressing table. I had to bare in mind the difference in the type of wood while sanding, The bed frame is solid wood, while the bed-side table and the dressing table’s top panel/ side panel/ drawer front: stain, clear acrylic lacquer, particleboard, ash veneer. 

IMG_3083            2014-11-26 12.54.20           2014-11-26 12.18.18


  • I added two layers of premier, after drying I added the ivory paint then with the old antique finish.

IMG_3085            IMG_3088

  • The drawers did not have any handles, So I took the risk of holding a drill and actually drilling with it. That was a huge experience and achievement for me.
  • The mirror needed something really special. a serious makeover, and Voilà…. Beautiful, don’t you think? 


IMG_3084            IMG_3364


  • I don’t want to keep you waiting for long, I invite you to have a look at my latest designs and makeover. 



IMG_3095     IMG_3361




IMG_3102    IMG_3344





IMG_3091    IMG_3338

 P.S. I must tell you that he was completely surprised and truly liked the new look of the room.




  1. Really nice , I liked the idea of drilling handles .
    And overall finishing this job in one week with the responsibility and caring of four kids is super .
    Blesses .

    Asmaa Reply
    • Thank you for your comment.It was really challenging experience.Glad you liked the result.

      basma alrawi Reply
  2. I was just thinking a one hole handle would be easier , but may be less attractive what do think ??

    Asmaa Reply
    • It is easier to make but I wanted to use this particular type of handles to create the desired theme for the room.

      basma alrawi Reply
  3. loved the new look,I like light colours in general so it was very good idea to change the colour of the furnture,your plant match the sheet too witch is very xmas colours perfect for this time of the year,well done and very proud of your job

    zena Reply
    • Thanks a lot Zena, you are absolutely right. I wanted to create a theme inspired by the festive season. So happy you like it.

      basma alrawi Reply

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