Since as long as I can remember, I was fascinated with colours, patterns and textures. Day after day, my interest in design was increasing. I managed and executed my first designing project when I was in 16 years old. I designed hair bands and managed to sell them. My father financed the project but it was not successful financially, but the experience was priceless.
when I was 18 I wanted to join the Department of architecture engineering, where I learned a lot about concept of design, space planning, urban design, free hand, construction, etc. Yet I felt I needed to learn more about interior design.
After graduation I starting my own family as an expat, and it was an enriching experience which I have gained a lot from such as time management, communication skills, and negotiation skills. During the first 10 years after graduation, I managed to work on interior design projects in the UK, UAE, and Oman. I used my painting skills on glass and on canvas and participated with my work in art exhibition in the UK and In Oman. On 2011 I joined Rhodec international and applied on their programme of Professional diploma in interior design, 2014 I graduated with the grade of Upper Merit. Now it is the time to introduce my self as a professional architect and interior designer to the public.
I hope you find my page useful and persuasive enough to hand me projects to design and manage.    

our vision

Passionate about delivering your dream interior , personalized to your individual taste and needs, inspired by your life style , personality , and values. Committed to exceeding your expectations .Creativity in partnership
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